campaign cam‧paign [kæmˈpeɪn] noun [countable]
a planned series of actions that are intended to achieve something or persuade people to do something:

• The charity has launched a campaign to end the trade in rhinoceros products.

campaign for/​against

• the miners' campaign against pit closures

campaign a campaign to do something

• a campaign to convince investors that Swindon is the most desirable business site in the world

ˈadvertising camˌpaign MARKETING
an organization's programme of advertising activities over a particular period of time with specific aims, for example to increase sales of a product:

• The company ran an advertising campaign for its drink products that was targeted at teenagers.

ˈdrip camˌpaign MARKETING
a way of advertising a product or service in which advertisements are shown repeatedly over a long period of time
ˈsales camˌpaign MARKETING
a series of events or activities aimed at advertising a product and increasing sales; = SALES DRIVE:

• It said its aggressive sales campaign has helped boost sales.

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campaign UK US /kæmˈpeɪn/ noun [C] POLITICS, MARKETING
a planned series of activities that are intended to achieve a particular aim: »

The convention and visitor bureaus announced a $5 million marketing campaign.

election campaign »

The Opposition leader launched his election campaign.

launch/mount/start a campaign »

The university has launched a campus-wide campaign to reduce use of fossil fuels.

See also ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN(Cf. ↑advertising campaign), DRIP CAMPAIGN(Cf. ↑drip campaign)
campaign UK US /kæmˈpeɪn/ verb [I]
to organize a series of activities to try to achieve something: campaign for/against sth »

He won the election in November by campaigning against a tax increase.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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